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Theresa A. Simons

20 Years Of Administrative Experience

For all of us, being impacted by the Pandemic, has forced us to live the “new normal” we’ve ALL come to unthinkingly accept.  Being Quarantine has allowed us to experiment with new habits and new lifestyles. For me, my new lifestyle was bringing PaperChase to fruition. It’s all about timing and that time is NOW!

I felt it was time to birth & nurture PaperChase Administrative Solutions. Over the years, I have provided various administrative/managerial support to independent companies, government, and office personnel in multiple industries and capacities. By doing so, I have gained insight and knowledge on each client’s needs. 

Having a background in Small Business management, Business Administration, and Information Technology has enabled me to administer to each client accordingly. Each project taken on is significant, and I wholeheartedly endeavor to ensure I focus on the details.

Packages and prices are available for long-term contracts, temporary projects or daily assignments.

Creating A Paper-Free Environment

Custom Administrative Solutions You Can’t Live Without

Taking Care Of The Details While Creating A Paper-Free Environment.

Save Money

Avoid expensive payroll services by using PaperChase Administrative Solutions.


With PaperChase Solutions, you never have to worry about filling the void during vacations or sickouts.

One-Stop Shop

We offer on-site scanning, clerical help, collection calling, archiving, invoicing, filing and more.


We're fast and efficient. We make work simpler, so you can grow your business by focusing on your priorities.

Many Benefits

We provide critical support to those who do not have the resources, time or space for costly staff.

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PaperChase Solutions

Productivity for Procrastinators

How To Increase Your Productivity While Working Less and Build Better Habits To Achieve Your Goals

Procrastination is the enemy of any organization!

As a small or large business, it is easy to forget the small details that allow your company to run smoothly. PaperChase is ready and available to fill the need in your business for a full-time secretary or administrative assistant.

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