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T'Resa A. Simons

About Me...

                                                   I Am So Delighted To Meet You!

Most of my adult life, I worked in an IT environment. From Offshore Banking, to the Hotel Industry and then onto a Telephone Company. I thoroughly enjoyed the trouble-shooting aspect of it more than anything. 

I relocated to Bermuda in 2007, got married to a Bermudian and started my Administrative Career. I’ve had the opportunity to work at numerous businesses in various capacities.  I got my Certifications in Small Business Management + Office Administration and never looked back.

Loving Wife & Entrepreneur

I am the co-owner of ATS L.E.D Suppliers, located at No.2 Lovers Lane, Paget, in beautiful Bermuda. ATS is one of the leading L.E.D Suppliers on the island, and the only Showroom where customers can see the lumens output of the bulbs and fixtures before purchasing. 

I adore listening to my husband educate the customers on anything L.E.D, or answer all of their electrical questions. 

If you’d like to get in touch, please connect with me here.

Theresa A. Simons

PaperChase: The Dream-Struggle-Victory

PaperChase Solutions

Paperchase has been in the pipelines for sometime now. It has always been a dream of mine to be my own Boss. I battled with the idea for a very long time. I wrote a business plan, ordered business cards, gave out flyers; then realized I was going about it the wrong way. It wasn’t until I asked my very smart nephew Ricardo, to look at my  website, that I realized I was way out of my league.  Not only did he rebuilt my website, he educated me on blogging and so many things I needed to stand on my own two feet.  I am sincerely grateful to him, for his time and patience while sharpening the tools I had laid down. Thank you Ricardo! You can find out more about my wonderful, ever-so-smart nephew at

Today, I can proudly say that I am the Sole Proprietor of  Paper Chase Administrative Solutions (aka PaperChase). PaperChase is an Administrative Consultant Business, providing outsourcing administrative services “on-site” to any business that is challenged with paper clutter, has fallen behind due to COVID-19 or lack the financial resources for full-time staff.

In a demanding and ever-changing environment, professionals can fall behind on paperwork. This usually minimizes the efficiency and productivity of the organization. This is why I am committed to offering solutions that will improve the ease of doing business. 

PaperChase can help you meet your objectives without incurring the costs and time associated with increasing staff.  Allow me to provide you with a cost-effective, customized, administrative service solutions, aimed at taking on many of the day-to-day operational tasks of a small company just starting up, an established company or a family office.  Small businesses, in particular, need to invest their time and resources on new products, new services and marketing.  They are in a position to benefit greatly from the efficiency gained by using our services. 

PaperChase prides itself in sorting and organizing your documentation while you deal with more pressing issues. My goal is to help keep you focused on what matters now and what lies ahead. Assisting you with the paper clutter will help enhance your productivity, while putting the information you need right at your fingertips. 

The daily functioning of an organization is important to productivity. I  will provide the reinforcement needed to keep  you operating seamlessly. 

While our administrative consulting services differ from client to client, we include extremely detailed tasking to fit their exact business need and objectives. We happily provide hands-on solutions such as those below: 

Support Services That Will Grow Your Business

  • File Creation/Maintenance
  • Minute Book Filing
  • Document Archiving/Indexing
  • Input Timesheets
  • Worldcheck
  •  Document Scanning
  • Switchboard coverage
  • Call collection
  • Customer Service
  • POS
  • Invoice Billing

Sooo, Who Is This Bermuda Mama?

Work Experience

I am a small-town island girl from Nassau Bahamas, who discovered another world called Bermuda. I am an entrepreneur first and foremost. Currently, I work alongside my husband as the Office Manager for our Retail Business. In doing so, I have gained experience in sales, and customer service. It motivated me to get my certification in Small Business Management.

I am a former HelpDesk Supervisor, who supervised a team of 7 analysts for three major hotels. I also worked as an Executive/Administrative Assistant and Receptionist, providing various administrative/managerial support to independent companies, government, and office personnel in multiple industries and capacities. 

Family Life

My husbands’ name is Albert and we’ve been married for twelve years. We have five adult children, combined from previous marriages. I have two daughters (who live in the Bahamas) and one son Tyrese, who just completed his second year at the University of New Brunswick in Canada, majoring in Marketing and Business Development. He started a non-profit organization called Nexus Bermuda  Nexus is designed to provide academic and social development opportunities for Bermuda High School students, along with lessons on personal finance management. 

About Me

My eldest daughter, Dr. Teleichia Deal, works for the local hospital in Nassau Bahamas. Currently, she’s studying at the Medical Royal College for her MRCOG exam, which is internationally respected as the gold standard qualification for career progression in Obstetrics  and Gynecology.  Terissa, my second daughter is an Insurance Agent, and loves all aspects of her job. My husband’s two daughters (my step-daughters) are Deanne and Shaunte. Dee works at a Rest Home for the elderly as a Nurse Aid. Shaunte is a Lawyer and she currently works as a Prosecutor for the Bermuda Government.  Shaunte is also a life and business coach for women of faith. You can find out more about her on

My darling husband is an Electrical Genius. He’s an experienced, qualified Electrician and has been so for more than 35 years. Ask him ANYTHING about L.E.D and he will educate you. He has been my No. 1 supporter to launch PaperChase. I am truly humbled by his support. If I were writing a book, I would dedicate it to him. Hey, you never know! 

Cooking is my passion! I find it very therapeutic. I have ALWAYS loved cooking. I cooked my first dish when I was only 9 years old. I vividly remember my mom placing a concrete block in front of the stove so I could stand on it to reach the pot. I love experimenting with new spices and creating different sauces. I adore cooking for my husband. I never liked baking, but I learnt to master the art of baking. Pinterest is my best friend. 

I LOVE traveling back home to the Bahamas, to visit with family and friends.  However, the time is never long enough to visit with everyone. 

Personal Beliefs & Hobbies

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” – Philippians 4:6 (NKJV)

“Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.”
– Janice Trachtman

 “Dreams do come true for those who dare to believe in themselves” – Bryant McGill


I love old fashion writing. I would pick up a pen and paper before I type on a computer.


I love cooking and baking, just to share it with coworkers and friends. I do not like eating the same thing repeatedly, so I often create my own recipes.


I love traveling, like a-l-o-t!  I would travel every week if my husband didn't mind. If it was up to me, I would build a bridge between Bermuda and Bahamas!

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We are currently situated at No. 2 Lovers Lane, Ground Floor North East Unit, Paget, BM PG05, Bermuda

In 2010 ATS Electrical Suppliers started as a home-base business, focusing on LED bulbs. We expanded in October 2014, and opened ATS L.E.D SUPPLIERS, Bermuda’s first full LED showroom.

Our company focuses on cleaner air and Energy Efficient LED Lighting for both, Commercial and Residential properties. Our LED bulbs and fixtures are designed with the latest up to date technology, that offers the best lumen output per watt.

As we move forward, we continue to commit to do our part for a cleaner, healthier Bermuda through the use of energy efficient technology. 

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