Ways To Help Stir Things Up When You’re Bored

Allowing boredom to interfere with your happiness is optional!

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When you feel bored, you are robbed of hopefulness and excitement. Boredom forces the mind to slip into a state of complacency and, in a way, weakness. Letting boredom interfere with your happiness is optional – so don’t let it happen! I

In this article, I will share 6 simple tips you can try, to help stir things up and help make a change in your everyday living.

Make A Change

Boredom often comes from a lack of activity or interest, so make a change in your life! Start with a change of mindset, whether that means adopting a more optimistic outlook or being more adventurous.

You can change things up by starting a new ritual. When I get bored, I try out new recipes. Maybe you can signup for a new cooking class or join a gym. Something as simple as changing the time you eat lunch can make a huge difference. It will make your sacred ritual times feel a little fresher.


Don’t Limit Yourself

If you really want to stir things up, you need to stop putting limitations on yourself You’re capable of whatever you want to do – it may take some hard work, but you can get there.

Limiting yourself also ruins your productivity. Once you let go of that, you’ll actually get to work more often and will be more focused (instead of procrastinating, thinking you’ll fail, or having doubts). 

Define your deepest desires and ideal lifestyle and believe you can get there. Write down the things you need to do, think of the person you need to become, and the changes you’ll need to make to get closer to your goals.

Go With Your Gut

There’s a voice in your head saying, “Do it!” and another voice saying, “Wait. Let’s take a pause.” Sometimes it’s good to listen to the rational, logical side of your brain. Other times, you need to go with your gut feeling – especially when you’re trying to branch out and try new things.

Baby Steps

Have you ever heard of taking baby steps toward something? We can’t always make giant leaps toward our goals or our dreams. Often, we need to start small. Perhaps that means trying a new ice cream flavor or going to a different mall. Little by little, you’ll begin working your mind into being more adventurous.

Taking baby steps helps prevent procrastination – Beating Procrastination – People procrastinate and hinder getting things done because they feel overwhelmed.

They feel some things are too big to handle and have no idea where to start. Baby steps are easy to do tasks that you can get done in minutes.

“The journey of a thousand mile begins with one step.”

Lao Tzu

Make A List

Just like a to-do list, you can make a “do” list. Draft up a catalog of things you want to do for yourself – for fun! This list can include all new things, some old things, or all of the above. The point is to hold yourself accountable to branch out of your comfort zone.

Make Plans Quickly

We’ve all committed the age-old foul of making plans too far in advance that when the time comes around, we’re not so excited about the plans anymore. If you make your plans with more immediacy, you’ll hold yourself to them and you’ll be less likely to back out.


As you read through these tips, know that there is no trickery here. You’re not trying to play games with your own mind; you’re learning how to read your mind so that you can accomplish big things and try exciting things throughout your life. Good luck!

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Theresa A Simons

Theresa A Simons

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