Canva Review: The Best Graphics Tool For Newbies


Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.

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Spoiler alert – every digital product or printable I make and sell is created in Canva! Graphic designing is an indispensable part of the business world today. Most businesses require graphic designing services in some shape or form.

For example, you may need your logo designed, a greeting card, or a professional invitation to one of your events. However, finding the right platform to create such designs is extremely important. Additionally, people providing professional graphic designing services require such platforms to carry out their work with ease.

Here, we will discuss Canva, a well-reputed graphic designing platform.

Canva Features

There are numerous benefits of using the platform instead of your regular graphic designing software. For starters, it allows teams to collaborate on designs. For example, different people on your team can collaborate on a design you are making.

Additionally, they can all edit the design in real-time. This way, inputs from different people can help create the best final design. Furthermore, each team member can be assigned different permissions based on what they can and cannot do on a certain project.

Different inbuilt textures can be applied to the graphics you are working on. This way, you can increase the quality of your project without investing extra time and effort.

Furthermore, Canva provides you exceptional cropping tools. For most graphic designers, cropping is a major issue. The user cannot get perfect ends and trim. However, Canva solves this problem by allowing the users to trim the image however they want.


Additionally, the platform offers drag and drop functionality, making it easier for newbies to create their digital products or graphics. Hiring professional graphic designing services is extremely expensive. Instead, a start-up owner can use Canva to develop their logo free of cost.

Additionally, you can use the design grids to keep different photos when you are making a collage.

Canva Pricing

Currently, Canva offers several pricing plans based on your requirements. The free plan costs no money and allows you to use over 250,000 ready-made templates.

Additionally, you can choose from over 100 social media designs and presentation templates. Similarly, you can use the basic graphics library as well. The plan also offers 5 GB of cloud storage and the ability to add team members.

On the other hand, the Canva PRO membership allows you to pay $12.95 USD per month for a team of 5 people. Here, you get 1 Brand Kit where you can upload your fonts and logos.

It also provides you a special resizing tool, which makes editing easy. Furthermore, you get access to more than 75 million stock photos and 420,000 template designs. Additionally, your cloud storage is increased to 100 GB. Also, you get the chance to schedule your posts directly to social media as well.

The enterprise edition costs $30 USD per month per person and provides you complete control over the service like Single-sign, enterprise-level support around the clock, and proper tools to manage the team. It also allows you to set team permissions.


Canva is a must-have tool for you if you are a regular graphic designer. Let us know your experience with using this tool in the comments section.

Theresa A Simons

Theresa A Simons

Theresa is a family woman, an entrepreneur, the bold & visionary Founder of and Co-Founder of ATS L.E.D. Suppliers. Theresa manages Bermuda’s first full LED showroom, happily delivers expert advice on filing & storage, scanning, photo-copying, invoicing & billing, collection calling, and document shredding. She enjoys writing, cooking, and travelling.

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