A Handy Freelancing Guide on Fiverr


Fiverr's mission is to change how the world works together. Fiverr connects businesses with freelancers offering digital services in 300+ categories.

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Still wondering whether or not you can trust Fiverr if you’re starting an online business? Freelancing has become a huge market today. Many young people tend to prefer freelancing over a restricted career to remain more flexible and enjoy their lives.

Additionally, the freelancing market is based on skills instead of degrees. This aspect gives a considerable advantage to skilled people who may lack formal education. Over time, many freelancing platforms have emerged, catering to the users’ different needs and requirements.

Fiverr is one such platform. It has grown over time to become one of the most powerful and highly respected freelancing platforms of all time. Here, we will touch upon both the buyer and seller end of the platform.

How Do I Create a Fiverr Account?


All accounts on Fiverr are both Buyer and Seller accounts. The difference comes when a user decides to start offering their services on Fiverr.  When creating my digital products and resource library, I engaged freelancers on Fiverr. Read on to see how to create a Buyer account and then activate your Seller account. 

To create an account:

  1. From the Fiverr homepage, click Join.
  2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

    Note: You can also join with Facebook, Google Connect, and Apple Connect.
  3. Choose a username.

    – Your username cannot be changed once you’ve created your account.
    – Your username is your display name (within your Fiverr URL), so choose it wisely.  
  4. Choose a password and click Join.
  5. You are now a registered user on Fiverr. An email will be sent for you to activate your account.

    Note: This activation link in the email will be valid for 30 days. 
  6. Within the email you receive from Fiverr, click Activate Your Account.

The buyer can surf the listings of the gigs relevant to the keywords and search terms they’re interested in. Once they find the gig they like, they can either contact the seller or place a direct order on the gig packages.

Contacting the seller allows the buyer to negotiate a custom offer. Once the order is placed, the buyer submits his requirements and waits for the delivery.

The delivery can either be accepted by the buyer or put on revision if they need to change something. After the final delivery, the buyer has 14 days to consider asking for Fiver customer support regarding the order.

Be a Successful Seller


As a seller, you can create gigs of what you offer on Fiverr. These gigs can range across several different activities, including writing, designing, and editing. Each gig is about one specific activity and can offer three different packages.

Once you publish a gig, clients can see it for the relevant keywords. This way, they can interact with you and place orders.

Orders may be placed on the gig offer or a custom offer. If custom offers are selected, the orders can be of variable prices and offer variable products. The seller then gets a timer based on the agreed time of delivery. After work completion, they’ll then attach the files and deliver the order.

The buyer can accept the delivery or put them on revision if they believe something needs to be changed. Once the delivery is accepted, the seller receives their payment in his Fiver account within 14 days.

The payment options currently available to most sellers to withdraw their money in their bank account is either through Payoneer or PayPal.

The Review and Ranking System

Both the buyer accounts and the seller accounts have the ability to get ranked higher with better reviews. Accordingly, both the buyer and seller review each other at the end of the task.

Additionally, there are different levels assigned to each account. The level is a Top Buyer Account for the buyers, while for sellers, they have three different stages progressing from Level One to Top Seller Account. Having a better level places your account higher in the ranks and helps you get better customers. Additionally, you can also obtain benefits like faster payment clearance and more active gigs.


Fiverr is one excellent platform to start your freelancing career or to leverage if you’re launching an online business. Try it out and let us know how was your experience with the platform.

Theresa A Simons

Theresa A Simons

Theresa is a family woman, an entrepreneur, the bold & visionary Founder of and Co-Founder of ATS L.E.D. Suppliers. Theresa manages Bermuda’s first full LED showroom, happily delivers expert advice on filing & storage, scanning, photo-copying, invoicing & billing, collection calling, and document shredding. She enjoys writing, cooking, and travelling.

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