How to Become A Productive Entrepreneur

Become A Productive Entrepreneur

Smart entrepreneurs focus on getting a lot done with every possible minute. But let me show you how to become a productive entrepreneur.

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If you want to become a productive entrepreneur there are certain must-have traits you should possess. However, those entrepreneurs found lacking the productivity gene could end up achieving less than their potential.

As such, many young and aspiring entrepreneurs search for tips, hacks and strategies to level-up their productivity. However, a lot miss out on the crucial basics.

So, what are the prerequisites to become a productive entrepreneur?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. This article will highlight the traits of a productive entrepreneur as well as a few things that they must avoid in the process

Favorite Entrepreneurs’ Productivity Quotes

If you need a little inspiration to keep grinding away, here are 3 entrepreneurs’ favorite quotes on productivity in the workplace. Leading the way is a quote from Gene Caballero – Co-Founder of GreenPal:

Strategies Employed by Productive Entrepreneurs

TIme Management

Most savvy entrepreneurs use a variety of tricks and methods to improve their productivity. Here are a few traits that are common amongst them:

  1. Effective time-management is the key to high productivity. Most successful entrepreneurs use time blocks as their preferred productivity hack. This method allows them to manage everything for the right opportunity. Additionally, it keeps everything on track and helps meet deadlines. 
  2. Contrary to popular belief, extreme levels of multitasking do not promote productivity. Instead, in most cases, they act as productivity killers. Most successful entrepreneurs focus on a narrow set of tasks and get them completed perfectly. Only then do they move on to their next priorities.
  3. Most productive entrepreneurs minimalize the distractions that are present during work. A distraction as small as a social media message can seriously disrupt the productive balance of your work.
  4. Expansion is lucrative. However, rapid expansion can create serious administrative issues. Productive entrepreneurs are aware of this issue. Consequently, they maintain a balance of the amount of workload they can take and the projects they must reject to maintain speed and production quality.
  5. Delegation is the key to success. Developing a team under your supervision is extremely important to increase productivity. Entrepreneurs who delegate often can find more time for other important tasks. Collectively, this improves the productive potential of their organization.

Diversions Avoided by Productive Entrepreneurs

There are certain traits which can become serious productivity killers, especially for entrepreneurs. Perfectionism kills productivity and is one such trait.

Most perfectionists tend to procrastinate their tasks to the last moment to find the best way to complete them. However, this tendency often leads to a situation where not enough time is left to complete the task perfectly.

For an entrepreneur, this is a major concern because they may not be able to manage their administrative tasks effectively. Consequently, the productivity of their entire team may suffer.

Additionally, insufficient rest and burning the midnight oil (staying up late) to grow the business can take their toll on the entrepreneur’s productivity. In many instances, the entrepreneur records high stress, which can reduce their productivity and output.

Furthermore, they may develop other health problems that can force them to take time off work. Thus, regular exercise and rest are important to maintain productivity as an entrepreneur.

Not only will you feel better, but these short rest periods can actually improve the quality of your work. In fact, regular breaks can prevent decision fatigue, restore motivation, increase productivity and creativity, and consolidate memories.


If you desire to become a productive entrepreneur you must put in the work. “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

Always remember that nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs. However, maintaining this productivity requires maintenance of the strategies mentioned above and avoiding the pitfalls that may kill the entrepreneur’s productivity.

That’s why we’ve put together a FREE productivity guide to help you in this endeavor. Grab your copy now!

Become A Productive Entrepreneur
Theresa A Simons

Theresa A Simons

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