21 Important Phone Numbers You Should Know

Important Phone Numbers

A must-have home accessory, the Procrastinator's Rolodex keeps all your important contact information close at hand.

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You need the Procrastinator’s Rolodex because procrastination is the demon that can kill your productivity. It is also one of the top reasons why many persons don’t maximize their potential. Additionally, it can place your opportunities under arrest, essentially handcuffing your progress!

As such, many entrepreneurs search continuously for anything that can help in eliminating or reducing procrastination. One such tool still used in business today is the Rolodex, which stores those important phone numbers. But exactly how can this tool serve in helping to reduce your procrastination tendencies.

This article will survey the Procrastinator’s Rolodex, which might possibly help you with your problem.

What Does Rolodex Mean?

A Rolodex is a rotating file device used to store business contact information. Its name is a portmanteau of the words rolling and index (Source: Wikipedia).

Important Phone Numbers

The Rolodex Advantage

The Rolodex has a simple approach: reduce the time wasted in finding important contacts so that you can boost your productivity. One reason people delay the tasks they must soon complete is because they cannot find the required contacts. Thus, it becomes an excuse to delay the matter.

In cases where the excuse is not intentional, it can still be problematic for the individual. The Procrastinator’s Rolodex solves the issue for you.

It features an important information section where you can write down the phone numbers of the people you contact most regularly. The first category is the phone numbers of service providers offering kitchen essentials. These include the local supermarket, pharmacy, water depot and others.

Next, you need the numbers of people who fall under the bedroom category. These are the service providers catering to your personal care and maintenance. Here’s where you list the number of the dry cleaner, your doctor, the shoe repairman and others.

Finally, we highlight the numbers of vendors that fall under the living room category being more concerned with your home. Here, the numbers of professional house cleaners, paint shop, local home depot, and airport can be written down.

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Simple Benefits

There are multiple benefits of maintaining the Rolodex. For starters, it allows you to maintain all the important phone numbers in one place. Thus, if you lose your phone or cannot remember a number, it is right in front of you in your Rolodex.

Additionally, it reduces the delays that occur due to the non-availability of phone numbers. Instead, with the numbers right in front of you, you can address the matter expeditiously.

Important Phone Numbers Printable

Print this list out and keep it visible by your home phone for easy access. Having an extra in your car can also be useful.

The Procrastinator’s Rolodex is an excellent free resource to grab today, especially if you keep looking up those important phone numbers. Get yours and let us know how it works out for you.

Important Phone Numbers
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