Motivational Affirmations to Push You Forward

Motivational Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you should say to yourself in the morning (and perhaps in front of a mirror if you can), that can help you to feel motivated.

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Positive motivational affirmations can help you stay focused, encouraged, and directed towards your goals. Many entrepreneurs search continuously for daily inspiration to ensure that they can be as productive and positive as possible.

Accordingly, this article will highlight a few positive daily affirmations to help kickstart your day. Additionally, it will also discuss the benefits of those motivational affirmations.

However, please be mindful that the affirmations featured here don’t comprise a comprehensive list. In the end, you must choose the affirmations that ignite your spirit. Perhaps you may need to repeat a few different motivational affirmations until you find the ones that suit you best.

Let’s get started and hopefully we can squeeze a bit of motivation out of this post!

Affirmation # 1: Learning Increases Daily

Whenever you start your day, make sure you tell yourself that learning improves daily. It is not something that occurs overnight. Additionally, each day brings new lessons and developments in your life.

In any case, you must stay positive about the daily experiences and ensure that you learn something useful from them. Similarly, one must stay positive even if there is a setback.

Motivational Affirmations

Affirmation # 2: Health is Wealth

If you wake up as a healthy person, you already have one reason to stay motivated. Remember, many people out there may be suffering from chronic illnesses and other issues that hinder their productivity.

Your motivation must spring out from your current better health conditions than most people out there. However, don’t take this for granted! Incorporate a good lifestyle planner to help you to maintain this blessing.

On the contrary, people with problematic health conditions must consider how their health is still better than those in more severe conditions. This reflection should help them stay motivated.

Affirmation # 3: Superiority to Negativity

Every morning, tell yourself that having negative, depressing, and stressful thoughts is a normal part of human life. One cannot spend the entire day without being bombarded by such thoughts at some point.

The key to success is to understand that these thoughts are temporary, and as humans, we have the power to overcome them. Thus, thoughts must not become the reason for lack of motivation.

Affirmation # 4: The Past Is Called the Past – Not the Present

What has happened in the past must remain in the past. Please do not consider it a part of your present. Instead, tell yourself that you are at peace with what has happened. Now you must proceed to a better future by making the most out of your present opportunities.

Affirmation # 5: Obstacles Never Last

You must keep reminding yourself that obstacles are not scheduled to stay forever. In many cases, those obstacles are eventually removed with time.

Thus, facing an obstacle must never become the reason for the lost hope of productivity. Instead, it must form a basis for a positive approach ahead.

Motivational Affirmations

Affirmation # 6: The Human Mind Is Unbeatable

No obstacle can beat the power of human innovation and solutions. Any issue that you face will be resolved if you think innovatively and develop a proper plan to counter it. Thus, hindrances must ignite your creativity, not dampen it!


There are enough motivational affirmations to help you stay inspired every day. Realize that you are a living, breathing example of motivation. You are living with abundance. Each day you are having a positive and inspiring impact on the people you come into contact with.

Many persons are being inspired by your work. You will always rise above the thoughts that are trying to make you angry or afraid. And just to be safe, you will use power words that can help you to overcome those negative thoughts

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Motivational Affirmations
Theresa A Simons

Theresa A Simons

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