5 Stupid Simple Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

Effectively plan, execute, and manage your day to achieve massive success with these 6 stupid simple time management tips.

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Conduct a Google search for time management tips and you’ll probably generate about 3,890,000,000 results in less than 0.54 seconds.

Entrepreneurial life is already busy and full of commitments. Additionally, it requires the proper management of every second to stay the most productive. Often, time managementissues may result in reduced productivity and problems for the entrepreneur.

As such, most entrepreneurs frequently seek ways to improve their time usage. So, let’s look at 6 stupid simple time management tips for entrepreneurial success.

Term Defined

“Time management” is the way we decide to utilize our time in order to maximize our productivity in achieving certain long-term goals.

Tip # 1: Leverage Scheduling

Always keep a schedule of the things you need to do. Every entrepreneur has multiple tasks to do every day. However, the overwhelming nature of these tasks can result in forgetfulness, which can reduce your productivity.

Thus, an important step to improve your productivity is to schedule everything properly. These include both the more difficult tasks and the trivial ones as well. My Crank It Up Planner can help.

Tip # 2: Employ the 2-Minute Rule

Time Management Tips

In many instances, procrastination can result in time management issues. For most entrepreneurs, procrastination can take away major opportunities or put them behind others. In these situations, you need to employ the two-minute rule.

If there is a task that you are procrastinating, start by devoting two minutes of your time to it. But if you feel you can continue, keep doing the task. If not, no issue. The next day, spend 4 minutes on the task.

Eventually, you will reach a point where the task will occur near completion. This way, you can fulfill the difficult tasks without procrastinating.

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Tip # 3: Maximize Unstructured Time

The time that is not allotted to any useful activity must not be wasted. Instead, it would help if you found a useful way to use the time. In most scenarios, it is useful to allocate this time to exercise and learn. Furthermore, entrepreneurs may use this time to learn new skills and courses as well.

For example, if you lack project management skills, use this time to learn new project management techniques.

Tip # 4: Automate Business Processes

Time management can improve if you can automate the mundane tasks. Usually, time is wasted doing repetitive tasks that do not increase your productivity. Instead, such tasks result in lowering your productivity by taking the focus off other actions.

Combat this by automating your business, particularly via the development of management solutions. Business process automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. It is done to minimize costs, increase efficiency, and streamline processes. (Source: Kissflow)

Here are 6 different examples of how companies are using business process automation to their advantage.

  • Automated File Transfers
  • Automated Report Generation & Distribution
  • Email Automation
  • Automated Order Entry
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • Automate Client Management & Support

Thereafter, you can now focus and allocate time to other essential activities.

Tip # 5: Create a Time Audit

Like any other skill, you need to determine where your time goes throughout the day. There is often a big discrepancy between your subjective time and reality.

Divide your time spent into categories of actions, for example: the ones you must do – should do – and those that you can leave out. This way, you can eliminate activities that are clogging your time and use it for more productive purposes.

Get a time management app (preferably Toggl Track) and track everything you do for a week. Then sit down, download the reports and evaluate them.


Time management is extremely important and essential for success. You can succeed by creating time management goals, using time management tools, and delegating or outsourcing certain tasks.

It’s also wise to set time limits for tasks and don’t waste time waiting. Implement your plan, prioritize ruthlessly and establish effective routines. Organize your systems, establish working routines and implement your game plan.

Remember, your time management depends a lot on what you do. Thus, choose wisely and make the correct decision for yourself.

Time Management Tips
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